As usual, I am soooo on top of things...making Summer goals halfway through Summer.  But here goes:

1.  I MUST FIGURE OUT a better way to take pictures - something that works after dark since my daylight beading time is limited.

2.  I MUST FIGURE OUT a way to store/display completed pieces.  Like most newbies, I have lots of stuff to sell and not a lot of customers (yet) (Shout out to Sarah my #1 customer :-)), and I would like a better way to hang it up rather than the plastic box/overfilled necklace busts that I have now.  I LOVE how my beads are stored - magnetized clear top tins stuck to sheet metal bolted to the wall (looks cooler than I just described).  Maybe more sheet metal and magnet hooks?  I am running out of wall space in my half of the home office, so I need to think about that one some more.

3.  I need to act upon the couple ideas in my head right now and make the pieces I have imagined.  This blog thing is cool and all, but I am finding it way too addicting and therefore time consuming.  I used to get annoyed at time my husband spent on his phone, but I am giving him a run for his money now...

4.  I need to start what I am calling my Emma Challenge.  I am much more comfortable with symmetry and matching colors - and I want to challenge myself.  So I asked Emma to pull a couple random bead tins off of the wall and put them into non-matching groups and then see what I come up with.

5.  It seems I have volunteered to teach my kids day camp how to make some jewelry, perhaps I should think through something fun but not too hard for 6-12 year olds?  Might try something hemp cord based since that might appeal more to the boys, and some easy wire wrapped bangles for the girls/older kids?  Luckily I live with a couple great test subjects.

But first I need to type up a note from the Tooth Fairy, Emma lost another tooth, and share a couple pictures my neighbor sent me today from a swim meet and our 4th of July block party, and then go to bed before midnight.  Have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone!


  1. Hey Elisabeth, the kids are adorable!

    Lighting is the key for good photos. Try using an OttLite and shine it over your piece in addition to the lighting in the room. It helps.
    I think the hemp cord sounds great for the kids project!
    Yes, I agree, once you get on the computer, you loose your time to do other things..very addicting.
    I keep a journal to jot down any jewelry design ideas I have..
    Sounds like you will be ready to go if you have a jewelry party or open an etsy shop..wait, you have an etsy shop, correct!?

  2. The hemp cord sounds great for kids! Waxed linen works well too and it is narrower so beads are easier to fit.

    Blogging is a bit of an addiction...but it is also for business purposes so...

    For storing pieces what about plastic shoe boxes where you could lay them out. Or a belt hanger for the closet. (lots of little hooks)

  3. Hey Elisabeth! First I gotta say I love the picture of you and your husband. What a fantastic candid shot!! Your goals are great...writing them down is the first step. But I am NOT the one to talk, as I haven't written down a thing. :-( And sadly the summer is flying by. With the photography, I'm still very partial to natural lighting outside in partial shade. Nothing seems to compare to it (like using a flash = bad). Also, what really shows of your jewelry is when you step in closer, and use your macro. It's okay if the entire piece isn't showing in the frame - you can just high light sections. Also, try using the largest sized photo that your blog allows - large photos are eye catching. Unfortunately my blog doesn't allow for anything very large, or I'd go for it! Have a great weekend!


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