I am a hardcore on-line shopper - if it's available on-line then I would rather have it delivered to my door than spend more time in my car.  The upside is that I get zillions of catalogs, and now I study them for ideas.  So two items I saw recently inspired me to try to make them on my own - one from Chico's and one from Title Nine:

I bought some cool wood beads in NYC, and although I'm more of a silver finding gal, I did have some gold chain and came across some gold head pins the other day.  Since the wood beads I had were not oblong like the picture, I added 2 amber colored crackled glass beads on either side:
For the Title Nine bracelet I grabbed some hemp cord (from a Mommy and Emma project) and then had to find beads with a large enough hole - a couple candidates that would have looked cute had to be discarded because I couldn't get them onto the hemp cord.  I found these simple square green glass beads - look kinda like sea glass don't they? - and on my second attempt at knotting came up with a design I like.  My version has maaaybe $5 or so of supplies.  The Title Nine bracelet is $55! 

So what inspires you?


  1. Isn't great that you know how to make your own jewelry and not have to pay those high prices! And I am sure the quality that you offer in your workmanship surpasses those sold in a catalog. I love looking at Chica catalogs for design inspirations. They do have some pretty jewelry.

  2. I study those things for ideas as well...more about colorways or small details, like the knots in between the glass beads on that cord. Sometimes I think it would be fun to design for a company like Coldwater Creek or Sundance, but then again, I am all about the one-of-a-kind, one-at-a-time so that wouldn't work. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!
    Enjoy the day!


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