Despite my sometimes lack of blog-y attention, I still have blog readers and Facebook like-ers.


Would you like more than my thanks?  Leave a simple comment on this blog of either "beads" or "jewelry" and I'll have a drawing for both on Thursday, March 26th.  If you don't already follow my Facebook page, I would appreciate it if you head over there and like my page!

Want to know more?  The beads were made by yours truly, the egg shaped bead has swirls of browns and blues and the 4 disk beads have a core of opaque orange and clear, deep cobalt blue on the outside.  All are kiln annealed for toughness.  I should know - I dropped one while taking the pictures :-)

The necklace is a soft, velvet-feeling rubber cord with another of my hand made glass beads as a pendent.  The earrings are on hand made copper ear wires with light purple Czech glass beads.

I have a thing for coloring books, probably because my Mom didn't believe in them when I was a kid - not creative she said, and instead I got blank paper.  I get where she was coming from, but still, what kid didn't want that super hero or Barbie coloring book?  So like a moth to a flame, I passed a display of interesting coloring books in the pre-holiday frenzy and threw one in my basket (click on the picture for more info):

Of course, I didn't get much chance to sit and color over the holidays, but recently I found it again, and I can't get enough.  

How do you know a 40-something is coloring?  The reading glasses :-)

I've joined a new Facebook group the Creative Blog Reboot.   A recent prompt was to write about who inspired you the most creatively. The answer was easy for me - my family!  

My Mom is definitely an inspiration.  She wouldn't describe herself as creative, but she really is.  She is creative in how she solves problems.  There is always a way if you "work the problem" and I agree.  Being creative is working the problem to change your vision into reality.

My husband is definitely an inspiration - I mean he gives torches and oxygen concentrators as Christmas and birthday gifts, and let me convert our laundry room into a studio. How can you not be inspired by that?

This girl is also an inspiration. She kills it at school and on the soccer field, and is developing a great style of her own and she grows into a young woman.  She never rolls her eyes when I ask what she thinks of something I am making.

My craft fair buddy is also a super great inspiration. He is fearless and is never less than 100% happy. His own creations out of legos and other things are incredible.  He's trying his hand at improv and blows me away.

The last "who" is really a "what."  It's all the places far and wide I've been able to travel to, either in person or through many, many books.

Who inspires you?

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