I have not been paying attention to my jewelry blog, but there are many excuses:  took an awesome lamp work class, kept my family alive and fed, and got to go to New York City on a quick trip! My husband had a short business trip there and I got to go along.  As soon as I had some time on my own I headed straight to...

The only thing missing was Swatch the dog :-(

There was an awesome bin of trim remnants that I totally got sucked in to - but don't you think they will make great jewelry?  The circle piece just needs a ribbon or chain to become and instant glamorous bib necklace.  The other long embellished piece will become something....or will just look pretty on my mannequin.

Are there bead stores in the Fashion District around Mood?  Of course...no particular project in mind - just super cool.  Also bought some nifty small tassels since they seem to be all the rage right now.

Next weekend I am attending a dear friend's wedding.  She gave me the privilege of making her wedding jewelry (which I won't share until after).  I WILL share what I made to go with my dress:

More jewelry to share soon!

In an effort to break out of my inertia and get back to making beads, I am taking a 7 week class with the amazing Julie Couch.  She is awesome!  The class is teaching us the techniques she uses to make these amazing water color inspired beads...take a look at this awesomeness:

Today we worked on stringers, from "normal" sized to super thin ones, and then we played around a bit.  I am AWFUL at stringer control, so this class will be so great for me.  Here's a look at my first efforts:

I can't wait for next week!

I've been stealing the odd hour here and there in the studio. You can tell by how messy it is :-)

One of my main projects has been making these fun necklaces using Stretch Magic Silkies Necklaces.  I decided a few months ago to change my business model and give all the proceeds of any sales to our high school band, the West Potomac Wolverines.  The teenagers love the necklaces, I get the satisfaction of making sales at their events AND get credit for making a donation when really I am just digging through my voluminous bead stash having fun.  It is a win on so many levels. We are hosting a drumline competition in a couple weeks so I have been adding to my inventory:

I've also had the torch on a little bit.  Need to do more of it for sure!

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