I've been working lots of hours lately.  I got detailed to work some shift work where I spend 12 hours a day sitting in front of a computer...that's hooked up to the internet (secret YAY!) and I have read every blog, caught up on my EW.com reading, and even read every work e-mail in my in box (there are 700).  I was drooping in my boots these last 2 hours of my last shift (yipppppeeeeee) so decided to try my hand at making a treasury on Etsy.  I went with a Cherry Blossom theme because their arrival every spring is one of the best things about living in Washington, DC.  Plus I can tell they are about to bloom because I can't breathe and I look like I am either a: constantly crying or b: had one wild night last night (I wish).  I included some of my best bloggy friends (like you Jen, Courtney, Lori and Juls) and some new folks that I very much admire.  Enjoy!


  1. That looks great! I love the Cherry Blossoms, I'll be down in a couple weeks to see them in DC, I'm right outside of Baltimore!

  2. What a lovely theme for a treasury, good choice!


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