I took a lamp working class in January - IN LOVE - and was excited to find out that the Workhouse Art Center had weekly open torch nights.  One problem.  I can't seem to get there.  Ever.  Getting on the torch once every 6 weeks is not going to work if this is something I really want to learn.  We have kind of sketched out plans to reconfigure part of the basement to make a permanent craft room, but that's a multi-month project and I am itching to play with glass.  With some basic equipment, couldn't I make beads in the garage, especially since it's spring and I can leave to door open?  It's like a 10 second commute and it is open all night long.  I have bought the basic stuff - glass to play with, cool blue shades, mandrels, etc.  What I need from you all is advice on a starter torch system and whether the full up kiln is required or should I go with a fiber blanket or vermiculite while I am learning?  Let me know what you think :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!    


  1. I'll be interested to check back and see what kind of advice you get. I've got mandrels, glass etc. too, but no torch or kiln. Good luck with pursuing this. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

  2. I started with a minor torch and a crock pot with vermiculite. You will know when your ready for kiln. I would not get a chili pepper kiln as it has fiber blanket in side. Invest into a nice size kiln with a door and top loading so if you want to play around with fuseing you can. It's so addicting You will spend hours playing at the torch. Have Fun


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