It's been a while since I've posted. Here are some birthdate necklaces made for sisters and mothers for Mother's Day (copper hammered by me)

Many Kumihimo bracelets made during many, many, many zoom calls.

Earrings for my Aunt's birthday.

Repairing and updating three necklaces for a friend...

A farewell gift for my pastor - copper hammered, silver crossed soldiered to it, and a kumihimo cord.

And I had time to take an online drawing class this summer.


I have had so much fun playing with metal lately, so of course, almost all of the women in my family got something from my studio for Christmas...

I made this for my Mom - she lives in Tucson so the earth tones are right up her alley.

I made this for my mother-in-law. She likes long drapey necklaces. The silver piece in the middle I got from Melissa Meman - check out her shop here - she is AMAZING!

I made this for my Aunt Suzanne. The cab is from the wonderful Sue Kennedy. Check out her shop Sue Beads here. My aunt is my artistic spirit animal. She gave me a BEAUTIFUL shawl she had knit, I think I came out ahead on that one :-)

This I made for my sister-in-law, for her birthday, which is in late December. I found a gorgeous teal velvet-y top that this goes with.

I also made her some bangles, and sent some to my other aunt in Denver. 

Lastly, I made this tiger eye pendent for my sister-in-law for her Christmas present. I have made a setting for something this big (it's about dime-sized). I thought it came out great. All the ladies in my family have different styles and different tastes, which suits me to no end. I love thinking of things that will suit them.

I received some great new tools from my awesome husband and kids - I am a lucky girl. I can't wait to play!

I was a super, super lucky winner of one of the ArtElements September Components of the Month.  It's a lamp work glass ZOM-BEE from Laney Mead.  She makes such fun beads (find her shop here) and I love, love, love the green of these beads.

I didn't want the ZOM-BEE to get lost in the design, plus I wanted it's cute face to show, so first I started by making a link with copper and black wire. The coiled black wire helps to keep it from spinning on the link (mostly :-)).

I was pleased with how it came out, and thought I would add a chain and call it good, but that seemed  too easy. I tend to like things simple, but the ZOM-BEE needed more. I hunted around in my far-too-large-to-admit bead stash, poked around here and there. I was actually looking for good beads to string the rest of the necklace with, and found a black metal focal I am 99% sure I snagged from the clearance rack at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. 

I mean, where else would a ZOM-BEE fly to, other than towards a black flower? 

It was perfect. It only had one hole, so I added another one and made them both big enough for wire.  

I was in the mood for wire wrapping links, and definitely love green and copper together, but needed to add a bit more of the mysterious black to it. I combined Czech glass from Nirvana Beads and black O rings from My Elements, and it all came together.

See all the ZOMBEES here:

My Fellow Guest Contributor Linda

Art Element Team:

Hello all, it's been FOREVER since I've posted anything here.  I have been making things now and again, plus have been busy with other endeavors (like this and this). I've been experimenting with metal work lately, and took an awesome class with Kate Richbourg which was amazing - she's an incredible teacher. I've been venturing a bit into silver - something I wasn't confident enough to do because it costs way more than fun and easy copper :-) The glass is getting dusty and I want to get back to it soon. Maybe now that school has started I'll have more time to myself during the day ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I was lucky to win the component of the month over at Art Elements.  Stay tuned because I will be posting my creation here (as well as links to all the other AE contributors) at the end of the month!

These are the rings I made in Kate's class

Silver bangles, 2 copper pieces with silver melted on top, and an attempt at enameling

Stamping, hammering, and settings for my sweet girl

Something I made with the help of Jenny Davies-Razor.  I finally added loops and chain so I can wear it and enjoy it. That's Jenny's awesome cab by the way - she's a genius with clay.

Stamping and hammering copper (and working out my hole punch pliers)

Flood soldering experiment.  My friend Melissa Meman of Melismatic Art Jewelry gave a group of us a tutorial on it.  She makes AMAZING stuff, see her work here.

More hammering and setting.  Wish I had put more curl into the end of that wire.

A jewelry rework for my friend Sarah.  The ball focal is actually a clasp from another necklace.  It's cool, but it made the other necklace too heavy for Sarah.  Had to make matching earrings, natch.

Here is the original necklace restrung with just a simple lobster clasp.

Jewelry to wear to a summer wedding for my girl and I.  The enameled gears in Emma's necklace were gifted to me by Susan of Sue Beads.  The rubber Os are from Yvonne at My Elements.  Both of them have amazing things in their shop you should go check out!

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