It's going to be Wednesday in just about an hour so I thought I would jump right in to BTW.  The fact that it is Tuesday night and my table hasn't changed a whole lot since last week inspired me to work on some projects.  I mean I can only log so many hours in a semi-comatose state on the least one night a week I should make an effort to remain upright past 9:30 :-).  Layla the dog, if she could speak human, would say, "That's crazy talk - there is no such thing as too much time spent at rest."  Clearly all this night time sitting up has made me punchy.

So, I mentioned that my husband was transiting Japan the day before the awful earthquake.  His destination the previous week was the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, about 8,400 miles from where we live.

While he was there, he bought me some pretty cool trade beads:

I pulled them apart, of course, and along with some red waxed linen, put them together into a necklace with red sedstone rondels, a large quartz focal and a vintage green button for the clasp.  I was on a roll with the waxed linen, so made a bracelet with olive and orange buttons, purple waxed linen, and a funky clasp from the Industrial Chic line at Michaels.  Do those colors totally remind you of 6th grade or what?

(Sorry if the picture isn't the best.)  The darker trade beads I think will look AWESOME with the beads I just got from Floridity - don't you think?  That's my next project.  Goal for this week:  Bead on more than just Tuesday nights :-)


  1. You have one awesome hubby to bring back beads!!!

    I've only recently have been able to drag my husband to bead shows with me. He endures them nicely for me though.

  2. Hey Elizabeth! Love the trade beads! Jason gets back from the middle east in two weeks!!! I told him to get me some prayer beads...let's see what he comes up with!


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