The BFBG Book Club is kicking off, a power team of two!  Sally of Kinderhook is joining me on this adventure, and since she has read two of the three potential selections, we'll pick Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.

Click on the book to link to Amazon or find it on  We'll rejoin here on March 8th to "discuss."  There is a great book club guide here which I have borrowed from liberally :-)....we'll focus on just a couple questions, because this should be fun and not a school assignment:

Book Club Discussion Questions
1. How did this book teach you about, or change your impression of, this important chapter in French history?

2. Sarah’s Key is composed of two interweaving story lines: Sarah’s, in the past, and Julia’s quest in the present day. Did you enjoy the alternating stories and time-frames?

3. Which “voice” did you prefer: Sarah’s or Julia’s? Why?

4. In what ways is the apartment a character all its own in? 

5. Were you surprised by what you learned about Sarah’s history? Were you satisfied by the end of the book?

6. How do you imagine what happens after the end of the novel? 

7. Can a powerful piece of fiction be a history lesson in itself ?


  1. This looks like a fantastic book choice, Elisabeth. I'll follow along virtually. :-)

  2. I'm wondering if Lori's "wow" meant good wow or bad wow!!! I'm not reading reviews of this until I read the book but would love to know, Lori!


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