Sorry for the long title, but we are taking some time off starting Saturday, so I am looking forward to this week coming to a close.  Like so looking forward, that I am telling EVERYONE how excited I am.  No one is safe.  Not even you!

But not even my excitement can get in the way of Bead Table Wednesday.  Believe it or not I find it very motivating.  I feel compelled to show progress in some way.  This time it's the mailman that's hooked me up - I got a package of wire!  That black wire I think it going into the black and yellow project I talked about last week.  The bright blue is going to be used with the last of my Juls Beads stash...a set of different dotted beads in cream, black, brown and turquoise (they are in the picture at the bottom of this post).  No doubt this wire infusion will keep my wire wrapping obsession going :-)

Check out the rest of the BTW in the BTW Flickr group.

p.s. - you are wondering about the orange-y goodness aren't you?  The small orange and green ones came with my bead soup and look AWESOME with dark green wire.  What, another wire wrapped necklace?  I know, shocking!


  1. Too neat and too tidy! My desk still needs help!
    Can't wait to see what you make here!

  2. Enjoy your time away. I'm happy to hear that jumping in for BTW has been inspiring!


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