UPDATE:  My necklace has been featured on Art Bead Scene - check it out here - Thank you Heather!

This Month's Art Bead Scene challenge is this wonderfully romantic picture called Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by John Singer Sargent:

Love, love. love!  Especially because it reminds me of a now-11 year old, almost as tall as Mommy, basketball guard and soccer goalie:

(pause, sigh, smile)

These images, along with a week filled with long meetings, really set my mind wandering, trying to think of ways I could use some incredibly awesome Juls Beads that are the perfect color, in a way that looked like the paper lanterns in the picture.  As luck would have it, I had crystals that enhanced the pretty pinks in the lampwork beads.  I owe a huge shout out to Kerry Bogert for wire inspiration (her class = one of my best beady investments ever).

Originally I thought I would finish the necklace with chain, but I had some ribbon from Jamn Glass that fit the colors of the inspiration painting and kept the necklace from looking (and being) too heavy.

Hoping spring is not that far away :-)


  1. Love your beady lanterns, great design!

  2. Wonderful! I love the colors and the ribbon finishes perfectly.

  3. (Third time I've tried to post this, Google hates me) -- That does look like your daughter! And the necklace is lovely!

  4. Elisabeth, you know I'm all over this amazing wire work! You created a fantastic likeness to the painting by Sargent... and what a sweet painting. This just might be my favorite of your pieces yet! And oh my your daughter was such an adorable toddler. I can see you in her for sure.

  5. hmm, you should check out the ABS today. :)


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