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I have been thinking of getting a tumbler, because I think it would be the best way to strengthen wire jewelry.  I want to make sure what I make lasts.  Plus I have heard that it polishes things up really nicely.  So, what kind to buy and what are some tips for using one?  I did a quick google search and found these...

On Fundametals.net (saw this one on a couple sites):

From Rio Grande (I am easily impressed with gadgets - the clear barrels could be mesmerizing):

And from Ottofrei.com (never heard of them, but I am still new and learning):

Find out more about the band that made my blog post title famous and take a turn down the memory, high school dance, lane, here.


  1. Boy George!

    I bought the blue tumbler that you have there back a few months ago. Still in the box. Yep. I am a sucker for new tools and thinking that I will be using them all the time, and then no, they sit.

    You make me want to unearth that box.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Ok...one of these days I want a tumbler too. I don't make beads, but darnit--it would help me convince my husband that I NEED my own room! lol

  3. I'm a sucker for all sorts of gadgets. Kitchen, beading, hair, etc. Just need a bigger house in order to have them. :) I have seen the blue one demonstrated on a show....maybe Beads, Baubles, and Jewels. Can't wait to see whatcha tumble!

  4. go for a Lortone 3A. I bought a cheap version of this type at Harbor Freight and the tumbling barrel smells so bad even after a few years of being confined to run on my side porch that it will never be an indoor tumbler. Now I'm after a Lortone. Everything I've read says they last forever. You can get additional tumbling barrels and every replacement part you would ever need for the Lortone machines. This is a serious bonus. As for belts, this is what might break first. They are like a sewing machine belt, and I've run my tumbler on those plastic bracelets with inspirational messages and the fat rubber bands that come on broccoli. Buy an extra belt to keep on hand or save those broccoli bands! You will want some stainless steel mixed shape shot (1 lb. is a lifetime supply)and Dawn Original dishwashing (NO BLEACH or other stuff) as a lubricating agent. Two drops of Dawn in the barrel with 1/2 lb. of shot, cover the jewelry and shot with water and tumble. Link small pieces with twist ties, stuff large hole hollow beads (like Bali or Hill Tribe) with wire or toothpicks so their holes will not fill with shot. You will not be able to remove the shot from the inside of the beads (never happened to me, but I was warned). I strain it all out in a colander, wash the shot, and let it air dry. Have fun!

  5. If you haven't already chosesn one, I say go for the Lortone! I'm sure Jeanette over at fundametals will tell you the same. I have had one for YEARS and still use it weekly. It is my secret ingredient in wire jewelry design, really! :-)


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