Marcie at La Bella Joya really picked some wonderful colors this month - rich warm colors that sure chase away the winter blues.  The first palette was chosen from Margie's wonderful book, inspired by the Amazon river:

I had a small collection of mud colored beads - my "marker beads" from my lampwork class, that I thought would look cool for this project.  I used a large agate (?) bead for the focal (I loved the "muddy" stripe), and rose gold copper wire because I am obsessed by wire wrapping lately.  I wanted to use an earthier color green with the brown beads - but nothing I had fit on the wire except for these dark green ones.

The second palette was chosen by Marcie herself and I loooooooooved it - turquoise and coral are a favorite color combo of mine.  Here is the inspiration photo, taken by JBFmx.

I already had coral beads that were dying to be used, and got the turquoise rounds in my Christmas booty.  The ceramic charm was a surprise extra from Iktomi on Etsy.  Her shop is filled with delicious ceramic sculptures, but she also makes incredible beads!  As you can see, the wire wrapping obsession continues with this two strand bracelet...

(That's Emma's saxophone "homework" in the background :-))


  1. Great!! I took a little liberty with the brown because I was also missing the "exact" color.

  2. Oooohh!!! These are so gorgeous. Love love love the ceramic charm on the second one!

  3. Oh, both are beautiful, especially the coral and turquoise one. Great charm!

  4. You've done a great job! I love the second piece - that charm is just too cute!


  5. I love the pop of color so bright and happy! Nice work!

  6. Great job on both of them. I really love the wire wrapping. Love the coral and turquoise one, it really pops. Hope you are in the next one too!

  7. I love what you did with both color palettes! The ceramic pendant in the second piece is so beautiful.

  8. Elisabeth! What you did with my flower pendant is fantastic! Thanks so much for pointing me to your blog so I could see it. You did a great job on that bracelet. I'm so glad I could contribute to it :)



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