Ever start with one idea, and it comes out a bit different at the end?  Me too!  All the time! I call it the morphing muse.  So this was my initial idea - really just a project to use 2 wire wrapped chocolate Swarovski pearls I ended up not using in this project.  For an idea on scale - the turquoise beads are probably 2 inches long.

It came out much, much longer in execution - definitely opera length - but I like it.

I added jump rings between the links to give it the feel of more heft without being heavy, and added two turquoise rounds to the bead at the end to give it a more finished look.  

I started the project by wire wrapping all of the large beads, but had three left over.  If I had used them in the "main" necklace it would have been too crazy long.  I tried a bracelet, but the large beads just didn't fit a wrist very well.  As I was playing a smaller version of the necklace took shape:

I would definitely wear the second one, but the first one is way outside of my normal fashion "box." I might challenge myself to wear it though, if only to prove to myself that I can pull it off :-)


  1. You could wear both and layer them! That would really be a challenge! But it might be cool.

  2. Oooh, layering is a great idea! Big beads are always a challenge....so I must continue to buy them obviously. haaaaaaa

  3. As a beadweaver, big beads like this are definitely outside my comfort zone, but I always think they look beautiful on. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. New follower from Happy Mango... LOVE both necklaces!!! I almost always go through 3-4 design ideas before I settle on what I want to do, and it's not unusual for me to actually string something and get to the point where I attach a clasp before I realize it's not what I was going for.

    I agree that big beads are most awesome, and SO hard to work with, LOL!

  5. I like both necklaces but I'd probably wear the second one! Beautiful job and I like how you used the jump rings to give the opera length necklace that elegant quality without adding weight!

  6. I call those moments "happy accidents"! I love both of these, and they appeal to different women. So bravo! You made a great set!
    Enjoy the day!


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