I was very lucky to get paired up with Linda of Bella Bead Jewelry for a Holiday Bead Swap.  Linda is a lampworker and I got two amazing heart beads in the stash of goodness she sent me:

So I made these two fun necklaces:

(large green seed beads, turquoise glass tear drop beads, simple silver jump ring, clasp not pictured 'cause I haven't put one on yet - will probably go the simple lobster clasp route)

(blue acrylic links found on sale at Michael's, wire wrapped links of turquoise rounds and peachy orange tic-tac shaped resin beads, hand made hook clasp)

This one I entered in the Happy Mango Beads "Bead My Valentine" contest.  Find out all about it here.


  1. These are happy hearts! Lovely! Like your entry to the contest, I entered as well. Need to post about it soon. Good luck!

  2. Love them both but especially the one you entered in the contest!

  3. Those look fabulous! I really like the way you incorporated the hearts Elizabeth!!

  4. I like the simplicity of the green one a lot! And I picked up some of those plastic links too and have been wondering what to do with them.... I like that a lot!


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