Me?  I mostly love 'em.  With unlimited time I can meander in a bunch of different directions, with a deadline I am forced to focus.  There is a fine line between deadlines that help and deadlines that begin to overwhelm, but usually it's exactly the kick in the pants I need to get stuff done.  Over the course of my Air Force career I've had to complete a number of self paced, off duty courses - "Professional Military Education".  The only way I could get myself to study was to schedule the test a few weeks in advance and then get busy.

For the last few days I have had a fun deadline - Christmas presents! I love making gifts to give.  LUCKILY all of the women in my family love jewelry!  So here is some stuff I have been working on for them:

I promise I'll do a little bit better job wrapping them up than piling them all in one box.  I've had fun this year because I ended up buying a top of some kind for nearly everyone, and then making something to match.

I also have been working on a flock of earrings as gifts for all teachers, choir directors, and a couple girlfriends.  My sister in law brought me ton of crystals from her trip home to Shanghai this summer.  I've been making simple ear wires and an easy peasy "paddle" to hold the beads on.  With wire and a hammer I've been a paddle head pin making fool!

But it's not all about gifting others.  Thanks to Cyber Monday sales I have totally busted the bead budget this month.  Shhhhhh...don't tell my CFO.  Take a look at these lovelies:

My picture doesn't do any of these these justice.  On the left are some ceramic pieces from Iktomi Handmade.  I stumbled onto this amazing Etsy store thanks to a link from Lori A.  Lori was digging the Iktomi Hedgehogs, but Denise, the wonderful artist behind this shop, also makes lovely focal pieces.  The "fly" and "grow" pieces are from the incredible Floridity shop.  Barbara has a great blog - and that's where I found out about her sale!  She is having free world wide shipping through December 31st.  Lastly, and definitely not least, the string of Soutwest Style handmade lampwork beads are from Juls.  To quote Crush in Finding Nemo, "She so totally rocks dude!."

Wow!  Talk about easily distracted!  Best get back to those earrings.  School lets out on December 23rd so I think I might just make it on time :-)


  1. I don't love deadlines, but I need them. Those are some great finds!

  2. Looks like you got some awesome finds! Of course, I'm biased ;)

  3. Oh what great gifts and oh yes awesome beads! I have been lucky enough to hold some of both Barbara's and Julsbeads and they both "Totally Rock Dude" (I love Crush!)

  4. Deadlines are good, they keep me in line! :) Beautifulness in that bowl! :)

  5. Without deadlines I hang around on the internet all.the.time. It's pitiful! Or else I read a lot (which is way better but still not productive). I need deadlines. Love your loot and look forward to seeing the presents on their own. --SallyA

  6. awww, thanks sweetie....would you like to take part?

    send me an email ~ suzie-queue{at}hotmail{dot}co{dot}uk and I will send you the details :o)


    hello gorgeous xxx


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