La Bella Joya is hosting an end of year Margie and Me Throwdown and it's a doozie!  And there are prizes all you bead hoarders!  And there are 5 color palettes to choose from!

Check out this mosaic of them all:

I am thinking of designs for these two:

The rules are easy peasy - you really should give it a try:
1. You have to use one of the chosen color palettes.
2. It has to be jewelry, but it can be any form, strung, woven, embroidered, soldered, wrapped....what-ev.
3. Your entry has to be in the La Bella Joya inbox by Dec. 28th (Eastern time) and don't blog your piece until the 30th.

Two winners will get some loot (you can see it here):
The first will be a random winner drawn from every one's name as a big thanks just for participating,
The second will be People's Choice Margie and Me Champion for the year of 2010. Every one's piece will be posted on La Bella Joya with a voting deli-o open for a couple days. 

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  1. Thanks so much for the promo! I'm so excited. You've chosen some amazing palettes. I can't wait to see what you do with them. (I'm seriously thinking about doing the lilies palette also, the colors are just stunning!)


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