I am feeling a tad (okay more than a tad) behind on the whole Christmas deli-o.  (Deli-o would be my new favorite placeholder word).  Last year I went into a cookie making frenzy, planned a big open house (which got snowed out), hosted Christmas dinner for 14, and the only thing that slipped was Christmas cards - those got sent around Valentine's Day. But I am SERIOUSLY trying to apply a new mantra.  Christmas, and it's simple beauty, will happen no matter what.  And what's the point of making myself too exhausted to enjoy it?  So I am beating back my slight panic and my need to organize the entire Christmas week schedule and I'm just going to let it happen.  I am almost done with gifts (got three necklaces laid out on my desk that need stringing), and the tree is up and looks wonderful.  The rest will just be gravy, or maybe cookies, depending.


  1. The tree is beautiful! Have a wonderful, joyful, relaxing (is that too much to wish for?) Christmas.

  2. We are getting 8-10 inches of snow tomorrow. Can I send some your way?
    I love the tree. So festive and homey! Go to the Noisy Plume and enter her show me your Christmas tree contest! I think my favorite thing is the blanket for the tree skirt. Classic!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Yeah! I hear you on the whole Christmas thing. Gets crazy. I guess my back deli-o is a good thing right now - have an excuse for slowing down. Be well.


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