Greg took one for the team, literally, by taking Emma and a teammate to an early soccer game Saturday morning, so Michael and I got to chill.  In short order he was up to his ears in Legos and I succumbed to the plaintive looks of Layla and took her for a long walk in the sunshine.  Despite the cold, there are plenty of flowers blooming, but I was looking for something different to look at up close this spring.  As I turned the corner I noticed all of the left over fasteners on the light pole.  A bit of history there, yes?  Also a sign of possibilities.  And I am all about that :-)

(too busy sniffing, eating worms, and stalking a jogger to look at the camera)

studio waterstone


  1. What a cool shot! I've seen those, too and think the same. Layla is gorgeous and good for you! Enjoying your Saturday morning. :)

  2. These are terrific macros. I love to take photos of anything rusty that shows time's passage. Your Layla is a beauty!

  3. Quite interesting! If those were smaller nails or thumbtacks with the staples, I'd think they had been used to post paper signs to the poles, perhaps for garage sales, lost and found pets, cars and houses for sale. But these look mighty! What would one hold into the pole with such large screws and long nails with small heads? You've given us a wonderful image to ponder today! I think I'll have this one on my mind for a while! Many thanks! :-)


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