The other day I stopped at Michael's for one small thing - a set of beads to match a princess dress.  My son Michael's upcoming musical has princesses, so naturally I decided they needed some lovely sparkles for their ears. But when I got there I quickly noticed the "all beads 50% off" signs and it was all over - another pile of beads came home with me (but really I have no buyers remorse whatsoever :-))

These last ones are the results of last weekend's play date with Sandi :-)

Find other macro awesomeness here:

studio waterstone


  1. I need to go to Michaels, and I have a feeling I will have no buyer's remorse when I do finally get there!

  2. Beautiful colours. Have fun playing with your beads.

  3. lovely images... enjoy playing!

  4. Gorgeous colors, lovely photos


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