Team Awesome, as we so humbly refer to our family as, is saddled up for a massively busy couple of weeks.  But when are we not massively busy?  This has been on my mind a lot.  As parents Greg and I endeavor to keep the amount of activities are kids are involved in realistic - but we also both have jobs that can be more than full time - what is realistic?  And in between there I would like to spend some time on my own fitness, spiritually and physically. While I have been trying my best I am sensing that in some areas I am not doing well, or not as well as I would like.  Hmmmm.

I spent last Saturday morning lamp working with Sandi, who I met through ArtBliss, who lives "relatively" nearby.  The lamp working was fun, but the best part of the play date was all the talk we did - about family, our kids, trying to make a business out of creating stuff, and how to focus.  We talked about our words, and as I tried to put into words the fact that I need to reprioritize some things, Sandi said, "So maybe your word should be SHIFT."  Perfect! But how to show that visually?  Not surprisinginly, I was dashing across town this morning still thinking about it. And just started snapping pictures with my phone....note the arrival time is 8:13 (start time of event was 8 :-))

I did have the power travel mug of coffee filled and my casserole for the breakfast hot and ready to go. (It's a chili relleno casserole you must try - super easy and rave reviews)

And I was moving fast trying to get there you can tell because my "shift" picture is fuzzy.  But that's the whole point.  It didn't matter I was a few minutes late, the breakfast hadn't started yet.  What matters is that I got a chance to share a new dish with friends that enjoyed it, and got to enjoy some nice conversation.  The schedule is the schedule - there is not much I can change about that - but how I tackle that schedule is what I want to change.  I want to make sure that the time I have is used wisely (that's a different answer sometimes than where time "should" be used) and that I am present in it.

Make sure you head on over to Sally's blog, the Studio Sublime, to see what everyone else picked!


  1. Aww, don't beat yourself up for this, as everyone has been late at one time or other. The point is you showed up with food!

    I love your word and that photo!!!

  2. Your life always seems filled with so many activities - and you always seem to be so upbeat about that - I admire that. Great word - great pictures, too. Happy that you are at least finding time to "play" - it's important to keep YOUR activities in the loop as well, isn't it!

  3. Great word! I hear you on the busyness right now. I am fortunate that I am only going one direction. :) Sorry I missed you and Sandi. I need to "shift" more.

  4. Love the word and all of its potential. Perfect photos to capture what it meant to your morning.

  5. Elizabeth - great word. There may be times you have to up shift or down shift as well... Very applicable to LIFE!

  6. I second Alice's comment! I really like your word and the meaning it has taken on for you.

  7. Nice illustration for shift. Try using a low gear sometimes too!

  8. Now, that's a great word! And your photo illustrates it perfectly! Good luck shifting this year!

  9. I like the word and the images! To shift is to change directions to me. And to change your focus you need to stop where you are, take stock and then CHOOSE to move in another direction. That is a great word! I wish you joy in the journey in 2013. Enjoy the day. Erin

  10. I love your word and your photo is perfect. I love that it shows the movement.

  11. Shifting your persepctive, I love it, amazing how it can change everything! I'll have to remember this too.


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