With Michael's show (Little Mermaid, get your tickets here) opening this Friday and Emma playing three games in two sports this weekend, we are hopping this week.  So imagine my surprise when I found myself home alone for two hours last night.  There were lots of should dos, but instead I turned on the kiln and the oxycon, fired up the torch, and played for a bit.

Played with black cat whiskers on the left, malifori on the right - thanks Sandi!

Happy accident - the bead was getting all wonky so I used a marver to kind of squish it back into shape - twisting it on the marver twisted the stripes, and since I already had clear over - now it looks like petals :-)

Dark purple with just a thin line of turquoise, then clear purple over which smeared it nicely all together.

Turquoise with Iris Orange Raku - love these colors together!


  1. Those are gorgeous, I so wish I could do that! I love the fist picture, they look like eyeballs!

  2. Oh my, these are gorgeous!!! I love the angle of the photo for that first set!

  3. Really spectacular! Those top ones look like cat eyes - stunning!

  4. Oh, I love them all, especially your Happy Accident!

  5. Lovely beads! I love having alone time with my torch.

  6. Wonderful beads. I like the last set the best. What can I say I'm a drawn to turquoise. Your Happy Accident beads is very cool too.


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