Goals and to do lists - that's me.  Almost too square to be a "designer" and almost too not-square for my day job.  But as has become my mantra lately, I'm gonna OWN IT!  So here are some finish-off-2010 goals for Beads for Busy gals:

1.  Get some sparkly on - I realized that if I want to have a holiday sales blitz (see 2 and 3) I should add some holiday sparkly jewelry to my inventory.

2.  Holiday sales blitz part one - I have signed up for two holiday craft fairs - both happening the same weekend.  Crazy?  Undoubtedly, but they are both close by.  One is Friday, November 12th (day and evening session) and one is Saturday, November 13th.  For my DC friends, the November 12th show has two more tables available and the fee is $45.

3.  Holiday sales blitz part two - First ever Beads for Busy Gals trunk show.  This idea I am shamelessly stealing from Courtney (with her permission - thanks!).  I asked my girlfriend for some ideas for dates (Kathleen would be a perfect example of a BFBG customer - if only I could clone her!) and we came up with November 19th.  Nothing like making my personal challenge extra challenging huh? 

Greg is away on a work trip - but it perhaps is something that will become his dream job - so while I am thinking good thoughts for him I will use my quiet evening time to work on #1, in order to be ready for #2 and #3 :-)


  1. Never too late! And I have found (recently) that goals don't work unless I share them with the world, even if it is just thinking them out loud!
    Good luck with all of these.
    Enjoy the day.

  2. Good for you! Your shows will be a success (and you a bit tired at the end of the weekend! :) )

  3. Very good planning! I'm impressed. So far mine is just "WORK!" Haphazard and unorganized as always. You go girl.

  4. Oh what a plan! And since one of the show is on my birthday it is sure to be a success!


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