(Like I need an excuse!)  A couple months ago, a super cute gal from my office said that she had seen this necklace in my Etsy shop, loved the beads, and wondered if I could string it on silk and make it longer:

I don't know a thing about using and knotting silk thread, but I was up for learning something new.  Beadalon makes a cool knotting tool that makes it pretty easy (I got mine at Michael's):

Did I mention that we discussed this a couple months ago?  I needed to get this project done!  The knotting tool was easy to get the hang of, I just haven't been that good about sitting down for more then 3 minutes to DO IT.  Here's how it came out - still need to work on my spacing - but I like the look and will try using it with some other projects.

My friend wanted the necklace to be longer, too, so here it is all stretched out:


  1. What a mean friend for making you expand your horizons and play with beads!
    (Can I borrow her? lol)

    Sweet necklace!

  2. I love knotting. It gives you a lot of options. I haven't tried that tool. I may have to give it a go.

  3. That friend of yours is an inspiration to you! Glad she got you going


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