So let me say this up front - those that sell their handmade goods full time and make a living at it are my HEROS.  I would love to make a business out of my hobby, but I have dabbled enough to know it's a lot of hard work.  For now keeping things at a hobby level is best for me.  But what to do with the things I have made, and how to make room for new projects?  I needed to find a way to post things for sale online in a way that wouldn't cost me more than the materials involved.  When I first started out I tried Etsy, but never got many sales there.  It takes constant re-listing, a solid customer base, and lost of promotion, which I couldn't quite get my arms around.

My friend Sandi suggested Indie Made, which has no listing fees but instead has a monthly fee.  I like how one place can be a gallery, blogging platform and store front, but I didn't want to leave behind my trusted Blogger.  It's where I started and where I am super comfortable.  Plus, the time management issue I have meant that I paid for 6 months of Indie Made before I even listed 1 item.

So now I am trying Square.  It's the same Square as the point of sale (POS) credit card readers, and I have found them to be a straight forward and reliable company.  It costs nothing to open your store and list items, and listings are indefinite.  They take a percentage of sales, and the money is in your account in about a day.  Right now I am posting necklaces made with (mostly) my own beads on stretchy rubber cords.  My plan is to give 100% of sales to my daughters school - seems like a win win for a part time entrepreneur.  You can find my store HERE, or click on the picture below:

I made a little comparison spreadsheet if you would like more details:

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