I am a big believer in wearing jewelry (and clothes :-)) that make you feel good, or powerful, or have a memory of somewhere or someone that makes you feel great.  And if you feel good, you look good, and then you can go out and do good.  So when Lori announced a blog hop for awareness jewelry I was in!  We could choose any color or cause, and any word we wanted.  I chose yellow and brave.  Isn't this bead bean by Swoondimples awesome?

Yellow is often associated with cancer awareness, but what yellow ribbons have meant to me, my whole entire life, is the waiting for and then the welcoming home of military deployers.  When I was growing up, it was for my dad, who was in the Navy.  Then through my own Air Force career, it was for friends and coworkers.  And then in 2008-2009, it was for me.  Coming home after a year away, and seeing yellow ribbons all up and down my street was amazing, and still makes me misty eyed as I think about it.  So many of the folks waiting at home are the moms.  My mom, my aunts, neighbors and friends stepped in to help out Greg while I was gone, so this is for them!

So why did I pick what I picked to go with my cool bead bean?  The inspiration were the yellow polymer beads with pink flowers from a mixed set my Mom gave me (naturally).  I picked the pink coral because it's beautiful, delicate, but also sharp if you are not careful to treat it right.  The chain is to show even more strength and togetherness.  The clasp naturally a heart.  Because that's why those we love hold down the home front.

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  1. Your bracelet is so bright and happy. I think the yellow ribbons on trees were the first "awareness" ribbons I remember. And that song sung by Tony Orlando and Dawn. Thank you for serving our country.

  2. Great choices behind all the parts of your beautiful bracelet. I enjoyed reading your post and how you felt seeing the yellow ribbons when you came home. I think those are also the first awareness ribbons I remember! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautiful color combination, design and word choice. Thank you for your personal service and for being a family of service!

  4. Your design is beautiful. I love the coral, and the reason you chose it. I chose yellow to support armed forces, too. Thank you for your service, and for that of your family. ♥

  5. Your bracelet is beautiful. I love the way each component has meaning to you. Thank you for your service to our country.

  6. Love your bracelet!! Many thanks and many blessings for your service to our country!! :)

  7. Love your bracelet!! Many thanks and many blessings for your service to our country!! :)

  8. Thank you for sharing your pretty and cheerful bracelet. That melody "Tie a yellow ribbon" is so special. I'm happy you were a recipient of a street full of yellow ribbons.

  9. Love your bracelet, it's very happy. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It's a special kind of joy to have loved ones come home safely after they've been deployed.

  10. Oh, I love your bracelet, so full of joy and happiness. Thank you for sharing your story.

  11. Wonderful. Just a joyful, positive piece - and as with every blog I've read so far on this hop, I love the personal story behind every single element.

  12. What an awesome choice for color and word!!! Yup - yellow is what I think of when friends are deployed and having the yellow ribbons flying when they returned.
    Wonderful use of the bean bead - I just love that bracelet and I am sure it is going to be so much fun to wear.
    Thank you for sharing your story!

  13. What a perfect fusion of meaning, Elisabeth <3 I always love seeing your pieces and hearing your stories, this is no exception! My dad was Navy and I remember anxiously waiting for him to come home as I was growing up. Big hugs, my friend!

  14. Fantastic Elisabeth!! I am also a big believer in the very same thing.
    Jewelry is a tangible memory reminder :)

  15. Now that old song is running through my head........tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree. I love this symbol for you and all military. So very pretty.

  16. What a beautiful piece and such a strong sentiment. It must be so hard being separated from one you love, knowing that they are fighting for you. This is so important, thank you for supporting this cause !

  17. I'm so glad someone chose yellow for the military!!!! I remember those yellow ribbons around trees during the first Desert Storm. It chokes me up eve now just to see a flag. I'm proud of your service, and wish we could have served together (but we would probably have gotten sent to the First Shirt for shenanigans.)

    Thank you so much for participating!

  18. Beautiful bracelet, and thank you for your service.

  19. Great bracelet for a great cause - I so appreciate your service as well as all others who've served our country!

  20. I love love love your bracelet! I love your story and have vivid memories myself of driving through my neighborhood and seeing the yellow ribbons lining the streets as we all waited eagerly for loved ones to come home! You also made your piece so personal by incorporating symbolism that was so meaningful to you. Well done! Thank you for sharing!


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