I have a thing for coloring books, probably because my Mom didn't believe in them when I was a kid - not creative she said, and instead I got blank paper.  I get where she was coming from, but still, what kid didn't want that super hero or Barbie coloring book?  So like a moth to a flame, I passed a display of interesting coloring books in the pre-holiday frenzy and threw one in my basket (click on the picture for more info):

Of course, I didn't get much chance to sit and color over the holidays, but recently I found it again, and I can't get enough.  

How do you know a 40-something is coloring?  The reading glasses :-)

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  1. Coloring is fun, regardless of how old you are! I am so sorry to read that your mom never bought you coloring books when you were a child. That is something that every child should experience in my opinion. Good for you for going out and buying yourself some!


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