I've joined a new Facebook group the Creative Blog Reboot.   A recent prompt was to write about who inspired you the most creatively. The answer was easy for me - my family!  

My Mom is definitely an inspiration.  She wouldn't describe herself as creative, but she really is.  She is creative in how she solves problems.  There is always a way if you "work the problem" and I agree.  Being creative is working the problem to change your vision into reality.

My husband is definitely an inspiration - I mean he gives torches and oxygen concentrators as Christmas and birthday gifts, and let me convert our laundry room into a studio. How can you not be inspired by that?

This girl is also an inspiration. She kills it at school and on the soccer field, and is developing a great style of her own and she grows into a young woman.  She never rolls her eyes when I ask what she thinks of something I am making.

My craft fair buddy is also a super great inspiration. He is fearless and is never less than 100% happy. His own creations out of legos and other things are incredible.  He's trying his hand at improv and blows me away.

The last "who" is really a "what."  It's all the places far and wide I've been able to travel to, either in person or through many, many books.

Who inspires you?

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  1. Such a beautiful post, Elisabeth. You are incredibly lucky!


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