Hello all - I came so close to finishing my October blog challenge, but things, good things, have gotten in the way.  This weekend we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Greg's parents.  Greg's aunt and uncle, and his brother's family, also joined us for a celebration weekend.

It was blustery Saturday, but we did a little sightseeing at the Washington Monument...

...and then ducked out of the wind and cold into the United States Botanic Garden (a favorite spot of mine).

Yesterday we drove out west to admire the turning leaves and spent some time in Harper's Ferry...

Then today I started a new job.  The best part?  This is the view from my office - Nationals Park.  Can't wait for the season opener next spring!

I'll get back into the groove soon :-)

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  1. Just catching up on my reading and wondering about that great new job! Did you come up with a life balance? As always, I'm loving the family pics. Enjoy your weekend!


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