I am catching up this evening.  First a favorite family photo.  If you went though the zillions of photos on our phones and computers, about 10% of them are of this scene.  Layla is a champion napper, and she loves nothing better than making herself comfortable on our bed.  As Greg said recently, if she had thumbs, she would have the covers tucked around her.

Now for a studio update.  I have an idea to jazz up my display.  Here is another before picture, without table cover:

And here are the evil door scratching, non-removable, and not very level brackets that hold the doors up:

And here is the work in progress:

I have some issue to work out with the hardware I am using (I can't get the brackets on the bottom tight enough to hold everything up) and I need to decide if I will cut down the pole across the top.  Once I fix my hardware issues, I plan to hang frames to display my jewelry from the pole.  I would love to get far enough along that I can sew the fabric I use to cover the table into a fitted table cloth.  We'll see :-)

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