I received a very special package in the mail this weekend - a huge box of enamel that I won for registering early for ArtBliss!  Yay! Thanks Cindy and Jeanette!

I had been wanting to play with some enamel when I bought the long copper pieces I bought from Dia Designs when I went to the Greater Washington Bead Society bead show a couple weeks ago.

The first colors I grabbed were a kelly green and a deep purple blue.  I wanted it to look like the copper had been dipped in paint and I love how they came out.  I plan to bend the non-enamel end in a loop to make them pendents.  

If you haven't heard of or been to ArtBliss DO IT! Click on the badge to check out their awesome classes.


  1. Awesome-congratulations! I look forward to seeing the copper pendants that you are working on.


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