Both boys are out of town today, and our family schedule was completely open, so Emma and I got the chance to goof off.  It actually started Friday...a crazy strong storm cancelled her soccer practice, so we started our lounge-y lifestyle the night before.

Poor girl - I rousted her up relatively early (I did make cinnamon rolls to cushion the blow :-)) to meet my bead buddy Sandi Volpe at the Greater Washington Bead Society show in Gaithersburg, MD. Sure enough, we bump in to Melissa Meman and Carol Dee Meyers! Did I get a picture of us together? No! But Emma took this one of me as we were leaving :-)

I met Sandi in front of Karen Leonardo's booth.  Man - what an incredible artist!  Sandi was buying some lampworking tools from Karen, and it took me 1.2 seconds to find some tools I needed to have too!

The booth next door was Karen's buddy Tracy Alfaro of Four Paws Glass.  Tracy works mostly in boro glass and her work is equally stunning.  I bought this pair of spiral beads that I am picturing in a pair of mod/sculptural earrings.

Next stop was Dia Designs.  Her jewelry is stunning and her selection of bits and bobs served up all kinds of inspiration.  I am thinking of breaking out the enamel and frit for the long copper pieces.  The beads on the right are a light purple dyed sponge coral that reminded me of sea urchins.

Last stop was Atlantic Gems.  I spotted their Swarovski and sterling silver clasps - peridot is my Mom's birthstone - and then the crystal chain and their 20% off pearl sign, and a project was born.  I am thinking something very luxe and multi strand.


...and while waiting to check out I added this to my bag.  Love these colors, and I am thinking of just adding a clasp.

Emma eventually scored (ha ha!).  After lunch we wandered through a sports store, and tucked under a table we found these - on sale for $29, retail $115 - definitely score! (and I just realized they match the beads above :-))

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