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Washi paper and a Crystal Light container.  Why?  Trying to stretch a bit, enjoying the no pressure "create what I feel like" zone I get into after reading the Crafter's Devotional.

With an open container of Mod Podge nothing is safe!  Even my journal got a coating.

In my quest for good glue, I have to give props to the Martha Stewart all-purpose gel adhesive (even though that's a lot of words for "glue").  It works great on paper and is in one of the sponge top dispenser delios that might just not dry out.  If I hide it from my kids :-)

I hope to toss these bad boys on Wednesday.  Keep your fingers crossed :-)

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  1. Mod Podge and spray paint are staples in my craft room. Thanks for the glue tip. I haven't tried Martha's yet but it is now stuck in my mind.

  2. Love Mod Podge! Thinking crutch free thoughts for you!

  3. Looks like you're having a lot of fun!!


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