We brought home some new family members last night...

See the large black dot and two smaller dots on their tail?  If you tilt your head to the left it looks like Mickey Mouse - that's why these are called Mickey Mouse Platys.  We got two so that they would have a "family member" with them (dubbed "Mickey" and "Minnie").

This guy is called a rubber lip plecostomus - his job is to help keep the tank clean.  These three join 4 Glo fish (Michael calls them "The Tropicals") and a baby ("Baby") that either belongs to one of the Tropicals or is the offspring of "Speckles" who is no longer with us.  Turns out goldfish food is not the same as tropical fish food.  This is why we have a $5/per fish limit when restocking the tank :-)

See other great macro shots here:
studio waterstone


  1. Thanks for the chuckle! The lips on the rubber lip fish look like the lips of a sock monkey! So funny! Great pics!

  2. We try not to spend too much on fish either and actually worked on our tank some today too. We've got some Oscars and a plecostomous too. I love seeing that we're not the only fish lovers out there. And the mickey mouse fish are great! I've never seen those before. Thanks for making me learn something new today ;)

  3. We have fish too..love the photo's..our fish are salt water and it takes 3 hrs.(some days longer) to clean the tank..72 gallons is a lot to clean..but we love the fish..so cool..

  4. :) good luck. I do love fish tanks, the bubbles, movement, wonderful.

  5. My sister has a fish tank, I never get tired of watching ... But, taking care of one myself? Nah, too much of a hassle. Plus, it wouldn't go over well with my cat, I don't think. Very cute shots~!


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