The top of my dresser has gotten out of control!  Don't you hate when you can only find 1 earring? I decided to take a jewelry display idea of a frame and some screen and tweak it slightly.  I bought the frame and some embroidery material at Hobby Lobby, and a few minutes with a staple gun...

And the sorting out of this...

And putting away some things in here...

Resulted in this!

I found the very first pair of earrings that I made for myself...

And the other one of this copper pair...

And this mod black pair.

I also found this necklace I made 4 years ago with a pair of carved jade dogs my sister-in-law brought me from China.  Now that I've learned a bit more I think I should remake this into something more interesting:

And this beautiful large lamp work bead I splurged on last year that needs a much longer chain (so I can see it too :-))


  1. I see that you have kick-started your creativity - this is a great project with the added benefit of showing off your organizational skills! PS: Love that lampworked bead!

  2. Great display and so many pretty earrings to brighten up a room!

  3. Great idea, I do certainly use one too. Love your earrings collection.

  4. You have very beautiful pieces showcased here. I also find that jewelry board very fascinating, I may suggest that to my girl and she'd definitely be up to it. I am a platinum jewelry buyer, and I also collect beaded jewelry as a hobby.It's fun..


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