Come meet our group!  Take a couple minutes to see what our members are like.  By the way - it's not too late to join us!  I included links below to buy the book and get your hands on some new art supplies.  

Come on back on August 18th for a little hop to see how we are doing...we'll be answering one of two questions: What activity has inspired you the most?  Or if the book hasn’t grabbed you, why? (Doesn't that sound easy peasy??? come join us!!!!)

Leaders: Elisabeth at Beads for Busy Gals and Patty at My Life Under the Bus

Crafter’s Devotional Members:
Courtney at Beads by Breul
Kristi at It’s a New Day
Kristin at My Bead Journey
Laura at Souvenirs From Life (joining in later J)
Dawn at Bahama Dawn
Sandi at Sandi Volpe
Vonna at Just Vonna
Shelley at Fabric of My Life
Ambra at Chic and Frog
Patty at My Addictions
Lori at Pretty Things (joining in later J)
Jeannie at Jewelry by Jeannie
Anna Maria at My Two Cents
Donnetta at Simply Gorgeous

Where to find the book:
Amazon: $15.99 paper/$9.99 Kindle/Used from $5.29
Barnes&Noble: $16.57 paper/Used from $1.38
Ebay: $3.75

Resources (US):
Michael’s coupons (may need to change to your location)
Garden Ridge Sign Up and Save
Art Journals on Etsy (a quick search, no specific store)
Art Journals on Dick Blick

P.S. - I will put all of this on a separate static page (see those cool tabs at the top of my blog now?) so you can refer back easily if you need to!


  1. I'd like to join in!

  2. All That Glitters

    I would like to join! Thank you Deborah C.

  3. Elisabeth and Patty - what a GREAT idea!! I really would like to join - the idea has already "grabbed me"...however I have a big deadline in August and artBLISS preparations looming. Can I join in on the side or later? Would still like to be a part of this fantastic group! :-)

  4. Yikes, I still need to get the book. Thank you for all the resources.

  5. I would love to join in! I am heading to Amazon right now!

  6. Hummm, please do include me on this too! Of course, that means I have to get the book...

  7. I'd like to join as well. I'll work on getting the book tomorrow, if I can. thanks!

  8. I'd like to join in with y'all. I'm not sure exactly what all this entails, but I can always use some more support and inspiration. I'm going to try to get the book. In fact, I'm going to head up to the bookstore now before it closes (in an hour).
    Whether I get included int he group or not, I'll at least have the book.
    You can contact me at CraftyHope at gmail dot com


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