My total blog crush (in a totally non-stalkery way) Lori, at Studio Waterstone, had an incredible post about knowing when you've found your true passion.  I just came across it because the whole "it's summer time, so let's kick back and relax" thing hasn't quite happened at our house :-)  Her thesis is simple, spot on, and so true:

When you find what you love and you actually walk the talk, you've found your passion

I have OCD anti-clutter issues, and I can't really wear jewelry to work, and yet this is what my dresser looks like.  
Yep, I think I found it.  
Thanks Lori!

p.s. - the bracelet at the top I made with my Sunday School class - really "kid" beads and simple hemp macramé - and I love it.  If I could wear it to work I'd never take it off :-)


  1. Aw, how sweet are you! Thanks for the kind words. And, yes, this passion thing is true. :)

  2. I agree, it was a great post! I feel better, my dresser is similar. :)

  3. Hi Elisabeth,
    I read Lori's post also it was a great post! My dresser looks like yours too. I also can not wear jewelry at work, so I tend to forget when I'm at not work to wear my jewelry.

  4. My dresser used to look like yours until I picked this wonderful jewelry organizer that actually holds everything I own and make. And thank goodness that I am lucky enough to be able to wear jewelry on the few occasions that I do make it into the office.

  5. If I could wear it to work I'd never take it off :-)

    ME TOO :D


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