Came across this as I walked the dog tonight.  Don't you just love the hand prints?

We celebrated the last day of school in a number of ways...with ice cream!

And a 6th Grade Completion Ceremony...

These two are always sooooo serious :-)

Find more macro goodness here:

studio waterstone

And if you haven't found your summertime groove yet - here is a classic old school jam from DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince!


  1. Love the chalk splattered photo.
    Having the whole summer in front of you is a divine feeling.
    And thanks for the "blast from the past" with Will and DZ.

  2. Sidewalk chalk screams SUMMER! Great macros.

  3. Sumatime! Love side walk chalk!! We just got a recipe to make sidewalk paint!

  4. That ice cream looks strange and yummy all in one! Your family looks like it has a blast.

    You've already noticed but I wanted to officially let you know that I've nominated you for the "one lovely blog award."


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