I am sure it's not unique to the military, but a "red team" is a group of folks that are on your team but pretend be on the other team to find holes in your project.  In the Air Force these folks are often called "aggressors" which is probably too strong a word for the bead world, but that's what I am looking for today.  My kids' school has a silent auction fund raiser every spring.  Last year I donated two necklaces that did okay but they were one of many similar donations.  So this year I thought I would donate something different - a jewelry making party.  I had fun with girlfriends a couple months ago, and I am doing a "party" with a Brownie troop next weekend, and this is an area of jewelry making I enjoy, so it could be a win-win for all.  My display last year was kind of lame, so I thought I would challenge myself to do something more...what do you think:

The best part is this didn't cost me very much - the frame was salvaged from our laundry room clean out, the dish is from a candle that was stashed in the buffet and the lamp shades were three for $2 at the thrift store.

Here is a close up of the flyer:

I sure would like to know what you think - so Beady Red Team - bring it!


  1. What a very cool idea, Elisabeth! I love your display. The lampshades are such a clever idea. The only possible hole I see is the distance you will have to travel to host the party. Will there be Grandparents at this event that come from out of town. Should you say that this offer is good within a so many mile radius?

  2. That is an awesome idea! Mind if I borrow that for a future fundraiser? I am doing jewelry making with my daughter's friends today for her birthday party. I think that showing completed things is great. I like to leave out a picture album of some other things I have done, like a portfolio. I also think that leaving out some tools, a bead board and a few strands of beads or components to get people thinking would be a great thing to add. I like that you are taking the initiative to make this different and I really like it! If I didn't already know how to make jewelry, I would bid on this in a heart beat!
    I would concur with Linda, give a finite distance you will travel and also a time limit to use this by, say one year.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. I think you've already gotten great advice from Linda and Erin. The only other thing I can think of is maybe to state that they can make this in 2 hours or so, so they don't think they will have to spend hours working on something. I think you came up with a great idea to help the fundraiser! Let us know how it goes. :)

  4. Elisabeth,
    This is a fantastic idea for a fund raiser. You have three great suggestions and I can not think of anything else to add. I really like the display bright and easy to read and the colors of the lampshade, which by the way I did not know they were lamp shades until I read where you said that they were, and your poster are right on. I also like that you give a choice of simple projects to do.

  5. Elisabeth, this will be a hit!! One of my son's schools has an auction every year and I considered doing something similar, but another teacher already does something similar. She donates a "beading party" and get a group of students together to make necklaces at her house, I believe. I know this will be popular. You made such an eye-catching sign too - it is sure to get attention and bids!

  6. I can only concur with all of the suggestions above..nothing new from me. However, I think your display is awesome and the idea behind it is great! Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

  7. Love this idea. I've had beading class parties before for the young women at our church, in fact, I have one coming up the 2nd Wed of March. We are actually making earrings and donating them to the local cancer center. I felt this gives the girls opportunity to serve in the community AND learn to make earrings.

  8. What a great idea! I have read the suggestions and they all sound good, the only thing I can add is maybe to offer a beginner, intermediate and advanced project for them to choose from. Label them as such so it is clear what can be done at each level. Doesn't have to be too elaborate but maybe go from simple stringing, to wire wrapped earrings to more advanced wire wrapping say a bracelet or necklace, so everyone can find their comfort zone that will attend. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!


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