Did you grow up watching Bob Ross on PBS?  You had to have been born before 1980 when PBS was one of four choices as you spun the dial on the TV looking for something to pass the time.  We came across one of his shows while we were cruising the channels during our vacation last week.  In no time at all we were all mesmerized by his happy little trees and cloud of hair:

I had a Moleskine blank book and a tin of Prismacolor pencils I splurged on last summer in my backpack on this trip, and couldn't resist making some happy little trees of my own.

Colors and patterns are always a favorite doodle subject :-)

Hmmmm...what's ahead on the next few pages...


  1. I used to watch Bob Ross every weekend!!!!!! Love your doodles!

  2. He always made it look so easy and effortless...
    I like your trees too!

  3. My husband and I would watch Bob Ross often when we were first married...it was like meditation listening to his soft voice watching the magic he would create.

  4. Oh "happy little trees" yes! I was born exactly on the year 1980..but we grew up never having cable and yes watched a lot of PBS. Funny post. You brought back good simple memories for me.
    Beautiful pics too.

  5. Although I never watched Bob Ross, a nearby art store always carried his books. I'd page through and dream of being an artist.

  6. Great and beautiful.

    Regards and best wishes


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