While I have very much enjoyed the many blog posts about plans and resolutions for 2012, my brain still hasn't gotten all the way into 2012.  Part of it is my lack of motivation after lots of time off, part is because some of my family is still visiting due to my brother's Change of Command, and part of it is that when you look at our January, it's just scary:

This is not meant as a complaint, truly. The activities the kids are involved in they LOVE and they never complain. Greg and I are involved in various ways with a lot of what they are doing and seeing them grow and succeed and goof around with their friends is great.  But working my creative goals into the slices of time between other events is sometimes tough, and sometimes I waste time worrying about how I stack up.  

I've been kicking ideas around in my head about what I really want to accomplish in 2012 that is within the realm of the possible, and here is my list:

1.  As much as I would like to be published and have awesome Etsy and craft fair sales, that takes more time than I have, so I need to just let that go.  For now :-)
2.  My Etsy shop does sell a little, and quite frankly, I don't know what else to do with all the stuff I make, so I am going to keep my shop open.  I would like to pull stuff out that has been listed for over a year and rework it in some new way.  
3.  I want a semi-permanet, indoor place to make beads. Greg and I kicked around ideas to use a corner of the laundry room that is next to an outside door - I can stash the tanks outside for a bit of extra safety and crack the door for ventilation.  This will require a purge/rearrangement of all the stuff stuffed in there, but that will be good - I love the satisfaction of clearing out clutter.
4.  While in the decluttering mode, I need to not just straighten up my bead table from time to time but also make better use of the storage I have and perhaps (sharp intake of breath) destash a little.
5.  I may go to Bead Fest Wire in Philly and ArtBliss here in DC, but only to take classes that are in my lane.  I would love to dive into etching, metal smithing, soldering...ooooh there is so much to learn...but glass, enamel and a torch is where I want to concentrate.
6.  I've gotten away from Art Bead Scene monthly challenges, which I really enjoy. I plan to dive back in this month.  
7.  I would like to host a challenge of some sort myself.  I have an idea to use this book, pointed out for me by Amy at Copper Diem, as a basis.

Ha ha ha!  I said here is my small list of potential possibles and already I am up to 7 :-)  Add eat healthier, exercise more, and get my 2011 Christmas cards done before my birthday (April) and my plate will be full. I'll count on you all to keep me on the straight and narrow this year!

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  1. Hi Elisabeth, I am finally back home and working to catch up on my blog reading and it sounds like to me you have great plans for 2012! The space you have carved out for lampworking in the laundry area looks wonderful so far, I'm sure you can't wait to get the kiln and get started. I hope to get to see you at some of the venues you mentioned again this year, I too am trying to limit my focus. Time will tell :)


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