I love following non-jewelry blogs because they provide such great inspiration!  I follow Pugly Pixel, a wonderful graphic designer, who posted one day about ColourLovers.  ColourLovers is filled with a trillion patterns and palettes, but I was goofing off the other day and found out how to color your own pattern.  How cool is that?  Here is how you do it...

1.  On ColourLovers, click "browse" and select "pattern templates"

2.  Choose a pattern - I chose "Tree Fell"

3.  Click on "color this pattern" (on right under the pattern).  Click on each block and a color palette will come up you can slide across the spectrum to select colors.  You can also name your pattern, add your name, and what I find really fun - if your exact color hasn't been used already - you get to name it!

4.  And here it is!

4.  See the "share this pattern" box on the right?  Click the size you want to down load, and then you can upload it to your blog as your new background.  If you scroll down on this post you'll see the "seam" on the left that shows the pattern name and my name, since I made it!



  1. Looks like fun...shared on my facebook~ www.facebook.com/melindaorrdesign
    Thanks for sharing! Cant' wait to give it a try ~

  2. Looks like fun, i'll have to try it out once my computer is up and running. We just moved to Virginia, so I am existing soley off of my google phone and iPad until I get my studio and office set up. Judging by the sea of boxes, I think that will be a while! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  3. Wow - thanks for the info. I've got to try this!

  4. Thank you so much Elisabeth! I'm going to try this later!

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