How do I know I am meant to play with beads?  Because I can find them ANYWHERE.  I am on a short trip to Biloxi, Mississippi for my day job, and decided to not join in with the usual post work casino trip, swiped the keys to the rental car, and went exploring.  Really I just wanted to get a nice dinner somewhere, and kind of remembered a sushi restaurant in town, but a sign caught my eye...

My fellow bead nerd Jen drives 80 miles to get to "her" Hobby Lobby, so I couldn't pass up seeing what it was all about.  In a nut shell, Hobby Lobby is like Michael's on steroids.  I found a gorgeous modern black metal mannequin that needed to come home with me, but I probably couldn't get it through airposrt security (sigh). But I did find some other treasures...

Afterwards I did find that sushi restaurant, and then a Barnes and Noble.  Thanks, Mississippi, for a nice night out!


  1. We just got one where I live, I equate it to Joann's and HomeGoods combined! Sounds like a good trip!.

  2. I wish we had one here! Quite the haul. :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment.
    I LOVE Hobby Love....yes it is like Micheal's on steroids, and as an added bonus for me my son just started working there...the first thing I asked was what kind of discount was there!

  4. I have to drive an hour to get to the Hobby Lobby which is in another state! I think of it as the Home Depot of Craft stores and I know exactly which mannequinn you are speaking of - it's awesome!

    I'm wishing I had some waffles right now!

    Happy Fathers Days tio you and yours!

  5. Hobby Lobby is spectacular. The closest one to me is about 25 minutes (+/- 15 miles) from my house. Biloxi is also only a short drive for me also (about an hour and a half). Which makes me wonder where you are if you're make a short drive there. I always wonder how close other bead bloggers are to me. Hmmmm.
    Enjoy your haul!


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