So that whole "can't buy beads" goal, hmmm, not so much.  Especially when the awesome Barbara at Floridity keeps posting on Facebook when she puts new stuff in her shop.  She and Juls are my bead budget undoing.  I woulda snapped up the awesome deal on earring pairs that Juls put in her destash shop yesterday but other bead hoarders were quicker than I. Sigh.

But my latest Floridity purchase arrived today, and my brain is spinning with ideas.  Create - Fly - Grow.  A personal mantra in 3 words or less - awesome!  Next to those great charms is a necklace I am working on with a long-in-my-stash "Grow" egg also from Floridity.  I think the vintage bronze wire from Parawire and the disks from Mermaid Glass will work well together.  Check out the other BTW goodness on Flickr.


  1. I love the wrapping around the egg! Fab!

  2. I got my Floridity fix yesterday also! I can't wait to see what you create. :)

    courtney of beads by breul

  3. Oh, yes, indeed - Barbara is the undoing of my beady budget too....and I'm a serious stalker of Juls...and Miss Fickle....and and and... Yep, it's an addiction ;) I do love what you are working on too! Those colors are right up my alley :)


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