Happy Mother's Day!  Greg is out of town, but he prepped the kids to make breakfast in bed on Saturday - to include coffee, the papers, and my morning oatmeal.  The day early breakfast in bed was because after the usual Saturday morning activities we packed up the car and headed south to Prince William Forest, a national park that's not too far away, for a scout camp out. (For those near DC it's just south of Woodbridge, right off 95) The park has fantastic facilities, to include cabin camping areas that were originally built by the Conservation Corps in the 30s.  For camping it's a pretty decent way to "rough it"...cabins with beds, real bathrooms and a dining hall that groups can use for meals.  Our pack is pretty well organized so meals were taken care of too.  So maybe I got us a little lost on a hike this morning, making our "quick" hike more like 2 hours, but being Mother's Day, the kids gave me a pass.  We are now fed, clean, and chillin while we watch a movie.  Here are some macro shots to share... (See other macro awesomeness here.)

Love the transparency of the leaves on this shot.  And here is a little fellow we came across on our hike:

This is really my favorite shot of all :-)


  1. Beautiful pics and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love camping and could certainly handle camping in style!

    Enjoy your evening and thanks for participating.

  2. How cute is the frog!!! Looks like good good times!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. I love the shades of green caused by the light shining through the different thicknesses. Kiddos are way cute, too!

  4. That's an awesome picture of your kids. You probably already have it framed and sent off to grandparents!


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