Okay, so here's the deal.  Sometimes I feel 100% on top of things, and sometimes I don't.  And I seem to be  on the "don't" side of the spectrum.  So I've spent a bit of time yesterday and today making lists, reviewing home and work and bead e-mails, and getting my act together.

And then I thought for a moment this evening that I lost Michael somewhere in the park.  He's 8 and on a motorized scooter, and decided that racing the mile loop of the park would be cool.  And maybe because I am a little tired my brain quickly shifted to thinking through all of the bad things that could be happening.  Of course he was waiting right where we started the loop, and I could tell he wasn't quite computing why Mom was a bit steamed.  Some day my friend...some day a zillion years from now when your own 8 year old is out of sight...you will get it.  But he quickly went to Michael super polite mode.  It's one of his cutest traits - he becomes extra polite when you are asking him to do something he doesn't want to do (No THANK you, I would not like to try vegetables) or when he thinks he's in trouble.

So why have I gone down this long bunny hole?  Oh!  Getting my act together...I made my list of beady things I want to do this month, to include this month's BFBG Book Club selection.  I've been telling you for ages it's Alice Hoffman's The Red Garden, so hopefully the May 24th deadline won't be a surprise.  As it turns out I have 2 other bead projects due that week AND I have a project for a dear, dear friend that I have been promising for a month.  But with list in had I'll be able to tick them off one at a time :-)  And you must check out what Sally and I thought of Blood, Bones and Butter!


  1. I really enjoy how you write your post...
    I must tell you... I get that omg there missing feeling. It can feel like hours pass by.... even when its only minutes... Scariest feeling I have ever felt before... LOL NOW 20 years after the fact... My son was 3 and he walked away in the grocery store... thank goodness he went to the front and they helped him... I was panicked but relieved when the sweetest page came acrosss the speaker... it said HONEY would you please come to customer service a great little guy is here waiting for you!

  2. I haven't even gotten the May book yet so I'm glad to hear that you're running late, too. I'm going to get a Nook and hoping that it will be my first book on it!
    When my daughter was 5 I went to pick up her up from the daycamp bus and there were no kids and no bus. I rode around the pickup place for what seemed like hours with my stomach in my mouth. It was actually minutes. The bus had come early and she didn't stay put and we eventually found each other and I cried my eyes out and still remember it like it was yesterday.


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