I am in a bit of a post-Bead Soup lull, so I thought I would share some of the other stuff on my desk. 
Over time my desk has become home to an odd collection of keepsakes.  I always find it interesting how a little gift or found objet from here or there becomes a collection.

Back row:  On the right is a glass frame my honey brought me from Italy, with a picture of my cutie pies from a trip last fall to Williamsburg.  In the middle is my silver piggy bank that family friends gave me when I was a toddler (our families are still close - a lesson in how friends become family over time).  I used to break into it all the time as a kid, now, not so much.  Out of curiosity I opened it the other night and there are German Mark coins inside (Germany converted to the Euro January 2002!)  Last is an odd Iraqi paper weight that was a gift given to me at the end of my deployment there.  One of the cool things about where I was assigned is that it was one of the initial locations for the reestablishment if the Iraqi Air Force and their pilot training school.  This gift was from their commander, an incredibly friendly and grateful man.

Front row:  Desk name plate I made in the 7th grade for my Dad in a ceramic class I was taking.  My Mom gave it to me after he passed away and it is a beloved treasure.  In the middle is a laser engraving of my kids.  One of my coworkers covertly copied a picture off of my desk at work and presented me with this before I deployed.  The picture is from a great afternoon the kids and I spent together taking a historic train ride outside of Wilmington, DE.  Last is an old stamp from the 50s that shows women from the military auxiliaries (WAVES, WACS, etc).  My good friend Kristi gave it to me years ago and all the words on the back are faded.  She's in the Air Force too and we met at our very first assignment in South Carolina  - it's hard to believe that we've known each other for 20 years now!   

Have a great rest of the weeks my beady peeps.  I'm looking forward to getting my bead nerd on this weekend!


  1. Good morning Elizabeth (do you mind Liz for short?)I have a friend named Elizabeth and it's a big no no to call her Liz so i always like to ask.I really love all of the sentimentals on your desk, i also keep sentimental's around me as well, i find if i'm feeling frustated or annoyed i glance up at my little shrine of keepsakes and they bring me back to my happy place smile.Have a Great Day :)

  2. Yes I find all sorts of bits floating around in my craft room ( if we ever thaw out I can get back in there) My kids SAWED into their wooden keepsake banks a few weeks ago to get at DS games they stuck in there!!! There goes another family heirloom - LOL!!!

  3. Cute items! My beady/desk area is no where near as classy LOL


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