...but first a short story (mostly) in pictures:

"Hey, you're doing your giveaway?  I'll cut them up for you"  (Emma = sharp cookie)

"What?  ALL of these have to be cut up?"

Wow.  I am in total awe.  This post beat out all other posts by like a zillion.  111 comments plus 2 from Facebook.  Wow.  Still speechless.

No peaking!

And the winner is....Susie!  Check out her blog at VintageSusie & Wings.  This sweet little package of beady goodness will be headed her way soon!


  1. Of course you got 115 comments, cause you totally rock!!! And give that cutie patutie a hug for all that cutting!

  2. That's wonderful! Congrats to your winner :)

  3. You mean I WON???? Me??? I NEVER EVER WIN ANYTHING!!!!
    Yipppppppeeeeeeeeee......... lol
    and some beadie goodies, even better!
    I'm so darned excited sweetie, really!!! Yeah!
    Thank you for picking my name Emma, obviously you are BRILLANT!
    Please send my major awards {Christmas Story} to:
    Susie Hibdon
    PO Box 500
    Crestline, CA 92325
    I can't wait & thank you so much for being so generous.
    Big Hugs,
    Susie Q


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