One of the greatest traits I inherited from my Mom is a love of books and reading.  I remember as a kid my Mom had books stashed everywhere, in her purse, in the car, and big piles of books around her nightstand -  usually Harlequin romances, "because they always have a happy ending."  It drives me nuts not to have a book I am in the middle of - and now that I have gotten into I am usually reading one book and listening to another.

I miss the book club I used to be in, and thought it would be cool to see if any of you would be interested in a virtual book club.  A totally no pressure experience - pick up a book and leave your thoughts on it a month later.  Either I can post comments or we can have a book blog post round up.  February is a busy short month, with Bead Soup and the Auld Annual Ski Trip (soooooooo excited about this!), so let's say we declare the book selection February 8th and "Discuss Day" on March 8th.

To kick things off here are three potential selections - a current Amazon best seller, something from, and a classic.

And the classic, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (free download for Kindle)

Leave a comment if you would like to join in and what you would like to read!

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  1. This sounds fun, Elisabeth! I'm a big reader, too. I've read two of these 3 so I'm picking Sarah's Key so I have something new to read. Have to finish one that I'm reading now first though.
    Sally A


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