See the house in the middle? That would be the Auld house - the result of a gingerbread house building party from last year.  The decorative candy canes are actually scaffolding.  It was the only way we could keep the roof on it and the walls from collapsing.  Do we remember that part?  Of course not!  We just remember the fun we had.

So fast forward to yesterday and an AWESOME article by the maven of color, Margie Deeb.  She writes regularly for the Soft Flex Wire folks, who graciously gave me permission to share her most recent article on Discovering the Treasure in Failure

Here is a couple lines that really struck me, but you can read the entire article here.

"I was faced with this last dilemma recently. Off and on, for the past 8 months I've been working on an intricate piece. I'd made prototypes out of rope that indicated that my idea would work and I was so excited. To see if it actually worked, I had to weave it together. After 60+ hours I realized that what I had created would not work like the vision I had in my mind's eye. So I had to rip it apart. Did I mention it was 60+ hours of work over 8 months time?

I've come to realize that destroying is as much a part of creating as the act of creation. I used to resent having to destroy my failed beadwork, regarding those precious hours spent making it as squandered and meaningless because they lead to failure. I saw it as a waste of time. As I've matured, I realize that time is only wasted if I refuse to learn from the errors I filled it with."

For gingerbread houses the lesson learned was glue the roof together the day BEFORE so it's strong enough for assembling the rest of the house.  

What have you learned from designs that didn't turn out the way you pictured it?

P.S. - besides being a great supply resource, Soft Flex has tons of great articles, projects, blog and Facebook posts - go check 'em out!

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