A lifetime learner - that's the highest compliment you can get from my Mom (who is a life time teacher, even in retirement).  I talk to my kids all the time about reading and learning and how it doesn't stop just because you are no longer a kid (eye roll, eye roll, eye roll).  When it comes to making jewelry, learning is a lot of what I did last year, and a lot of what I hope to continue to do this year.  These three events I did for the first time in 2010, and am anxiously awaiting the opportunity again in 2011.

BEAD SOUP BLOG PARTY!  you. must. do. it.  And even if you don't decide to get into the exchanging of beads, I know you will so enjoy the bead blog hopping Lori sets up to show all the results.  Click the badge for details, and sign ups start TODAY!

ART BLISS!  Cindy and Jeanette have announced the next retreat - and it's with renowned metal artist Stephanie Lee.  She'll be teaching two two-day workshops, Handbook of Elements and Pipe Dreams, held March 10th to March 13th here in Washington, DC.  I know from going to Art Bliss last September that Cindy and Jeannette run a classy operation - I know you will be well taken care of and will meet the most amazing folks if you join in.  Click the badge for details, sign ups start SUNDAY, January 9th.

BEAD FEST WIRE PHILLY!  My beloved bead friend Jen invited me to join her there last year, and even though I was totally intimidated about going there and taking classes, I knew I would have a great time seeing Jen.  (It's a universal truth...JEN = GREAT TIME)  Wow!  The bazaar was awesome, with tons of great vendors, I got to meet Cindy and Jeannette and Kerry for the first time and the class was wonderful.  It was the first time I picked up a hammer and whacked at wire.  This year the fest is April 7th to April 10th and they have tons of great classes - I signed up to take Barbara Lewis' Painting with Fire class on the 10th. Click the logo to take you there...

Although these last two events aren't convenient to get to unless you live on the East Coast, I know there are plenty of fests, workshops and retreats out there.  They are calling your name....can you hear them?

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  1. hey gorgeous, I was excited on seeing the Bead Soup logo a few months back and promised myself I would take part as it seemed like you all had lots of fun last time round...and then talked myself outta it!....BUT with a new year and new goals in my sight I have actually signed up to it this morning......yay for commitment! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx


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